Tombstone Tuesday: Sammie Redford Galloway, Sr.


Sammie Redford Galloway, Sr.

Born: 16 May 1910 Big Spring, Howard, Texas, United States

Died: 20 January 1962 Orange, Orange, California, United States

Son of William Jefferson Galloway, Sr. (1882-1963) and Rooney Delilah Hicks (1886-1931)


Sammie Redford Galloway, Sr. is my Maternal Grandfather.



Good Shepherd Cemetery

8301 Talbert Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Note: This is a Catholic cemetery, but Sam was a Primitive Baptist. He is the only one of his family buried here.

PHOTO CREDITS: J. Paul Hawthorne personal collection.

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William Jefferson Galloway, Sr. Residence in 1918

Where exactly did William Jefferson Galloway, Sr. and family live in 1918?

 The reason I am curious is because I have two separate documents from 1918 and one of them has an additional clue as to where they might have actually lived. The two documents in question are the WWI draft registration card for William Jefferson Galloway, Sr. and a birth certificate for his daughter, Annie Rooney Galloway.

Let’s take a look at the Galloway household as it was on 4 May 1918

(The day before Annie Rooney was born)

Their household consisted of W.J. and his wife, Rooney Delilah (Hicks) Galloway, along with 6 children.

Names and ages of the family at the time of Annie Rooney’s birth:

William Jefferson Galloway 35 (my great-grandfather)

Rooney Delilah (Hicks) Galloway 32 (my great-grandmother)

Maybelle Galloway 13

Lorene Elizabeth Galloway 11

Sammie Redford Galloway 7 (my grandfather)

William Shelby Galloway 5

Jesse Elbert Galloway 3

Bettie Oleta Galloway 1


Let us now take a look at the two documents.

The Birth Certificate:

On Annie Rooney’s birth certificate, she is listed as being born at 224, Wheelock, Robertson, Texas. Note: I have no idea what the circled “224” means. Is it an address of the physician? Furthur down in the document asks the question to each parent their “residence” and the answer is “near Macy”. That would Be Macey, across the county line in Brazos and approximately 11 miles east.

Below is the original birth certificate. 1



 The WWI Draft Registraion Card.

On the WWI draft registration card his permanent home address is listed as R1 [Route 1] Wheelock Robertson T[exas]. Which is in south central Robertson County, Texas. To enlist in the draft he had to go to the county seat which is in Franklin, approximately 11 miles north. According to the date on the registration card, he did this on Thursday, 12 September 1918.

 Below are the original draft card 2 and a blank one that I transcibed onto.




A brief background on W.J. Galloway: According to my mom he was a cotton farmer and census records show he was indeed a farmer. He and his family moved around a lot from farm to farm. Robertson County was another short stay, moving there from Normangee, Madison County sometime after 1916 and moving out of there by 1920 to Scurry County.

Below is a Google Map 3 showing his residences in Texas.


Below is a 1958 map of southern Robertson County and northern Brazos County with arrows showing the location of where Wheelock and Macey are. 4



If, according to the birth certificate, they lived “near Macy” and knowing that W.J. traveled to the county seat of Robertson, rather than the county seat of Brazos, leads me to believe he lived just north of the Brazos county line from Macey on a farm.

 As you can see in the below satellite photo 5  taken recently, this is a farming community to this day.


Further Study:

 1. Look for records relating to the land he farmed. I have not found any ownership records through his life, so I believe he was a tenant farmer. 6.

2. Look for any City Directories in the area that may have had him listed.

3. Look for histories of Robertson County to see if he is mentioned.

4. Look for any church histories in the area. He was a Primitive Baptist.


 We genealogists love specific dates and places. I can’t stand the fact that one of my ancestors was born in just Wilcox County, Alabama… I want to know the name of the town! But, they didn’t all live in towns — they lived on farms in the middle of nowhere!

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Stars Fell On Alabama 1833 – Who Was There?

  On the evening of Tuesday, 12 November 1833, a historic meteor shower rained down upon the Earth. The falling stars were such that many people thought this to be Judgment Day. The Leonid meteor 1 event sparked a book in 1934 by Carl Carmer entitled “Stars Fell on Alabama”2, which in turn sparked a Jazz hit 3 in the same year.

   So, I wondered… Where were my ancestors on this date?

  I focused my research on just direct ancestors living in Alabama in 1833. I found an excellent report in my RootsMagic 4 genealogy software program called the “Who Was There List”, which saved me hours and hours of research. I had fourteen individuals in three family lines — Paternal Grandfather (red), Paternal Grandmother (blue), and Maternal Grandmother (green).

The list:

Rev. Kedar Hawthorne 36 3XGG Butler County
Martha (Baggett) Hawthorne 34 3XGG Butler County
Clinton Ford 26 3XGG Mobile City
Marcelite (Laurendine) Ford 19 3XGG Mobile City
Mary Theresa (Mitchell) Laurendine 48 4XGG Mobile City
Rev. Paul Hampton Nabors 22 3XGG Shelby County
Mary Hannah Harless 20 3XGG Shelby County
Henry Harless, Jr. 56 4XGG Shelby County
Margaret (Basore) Harless 44 4XGG Shelby County
Abraham Nabors 43 4XGG Shelby County
Nancy Crockett (Crawford) Nabors 41 4XGG Shelby County
John C. Hicks 28 3XGG Montgomery County
Mary Ann Elizabeth (Loper) Hicks 22 3XGG Montgomery County
Hannah (Bergsteiner) Hicks 52 4XGG Montgomery County


Below is an 1833 map of Alabama 5 with arrows pointing to the areas where my ancestors lived. I colorized the arrows to correspond to the names above. Permission granted to me to publish this map by Birmingham Public Library.



Photo Credit: A famous depiction of the 1833 meteor storm, produced in 1889 for the Seventh-day Adventist book Bible Readings for the Home Circle. 6

Did they all see this meteor shower? We will never know…

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