My  name is J. Paul Hawthorne and this is my personal family blog. I have been interested in my family history since about 13 years old. I began with asking my paternal grandparents about their history and writing it down. A few years later I began making my own family charts to show how everyone was connected. I used to visit the San Diego Public Library’s Genealogy Room where I would look for my ancestors in books.

After I discovered the internet in the late 1990’s, I began searching there too. I bought my first genealogy program, Family Tree Maker, about the same time. In the mid-2000’s I joined my first genealogy society, the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego, and within a couple of years, I became their president. I began attending genealogical conferences about 2009 that continue until today.

When I’m not looking for ancestors I watch movies, travel, play bass guitar, and listen to music.

A special thank you goes out to Tami Osmer Mize for this beautiful website. She designed it and put it together, and at lightning speed! You can see her work here  http://tamimize.com/